Pastor Mike teaches for Psalm 37:25 as he challenges the church to remain faithful. He reminds us the God is Faithful: Yes He is!. We learned that the Lord remains faithful to those who are His. God cannot forsake you! We remain faithful because of what God has already done, not what God is going to do. No matter what happens in my life, Go will “hold me fast.”

Faithful: Missions Contend for the Faith

Pastor Mike challenges the church of Eastaboga from the book of Jude to go out and to be faithful in missions. The mission field is not within the four walls of this build but as soon as you walk out the doors.

  1. There is One faith leaving us with One message

  2. Missions reminds us of the doom that awaits those who reject the Gospel

  3. Missions preserves the souls of man for all eternity.

  4. Faith mission leads to faithful living.

Faithful: Missions

Pastor Mike teaches from 2 Corinthians 5: 10 & 20 on how we are to go out into the world and share the Gospel.

  1. We are to do this in our evaluation, we will be judged on our response to being saved from sin. That missions is going. 2.

  2. Evangelism it telling. Discipleship is knowing. Fellowship is caring. Worship is the beginning. 3.

  3. Going and telling is the only reason we are kept on this earth.

  4. Who do we go to and what do we tell them?

    * We go to “All the Nations”

    * We tell them to “Be reconciled to God”

Influence of a Godly Father

Senior Adult Pastor, John Whetstone teaches from Ephesians 6:4 encouraging fathers to lead their children in a Godly manner.

  1. A father must know Jesus

    A. As Savior and Lord

    B. Must have a teachable spirit

    C. Must desire to follow in every area

  2. A father must bring his children to Jesus

    A. But first a father must receive his children to himself

    B. Bring them for blessing and also give them to Jesus

    C. Bring them and ask for a blessing himself so he may be the one right father

  3. A father must consistently example the right thing for his children

    A. He is admonished to bring them up in the nature and admonition of the Lord.

    B. His personal life must be their example

    C. He must demonstrate and speak words of truth